Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not quite Header, Turnberry Hell & The Maggie Wrap

Ok the header isn't quite right. That's part of it but, the background is supposed to be transparent and the font isn't supposed to be black and the picture of my fat cat is missing. At least it fits in the space provided and moving in the right direction. I'm thinking at this point it might be easier to just skip blogger all together and set up a .com. That's still an option but we'll see.

Tonight is Knit Nite and as usual we Ladies are meeting at the Piddlin' Patch. I've got my camera in my knit bag and hopefully it will jump out all on it's own and take pictures of the lovely sweater most of them are making.

As the Turnberry Cardi sleeves are still causing me to pull my hair out giving me fits and it's intended recipient's birthday was Dec 27th, (Hell it's a Spring color anyway) I'm switching gears. A few months back I attended the Grand Opening of Yes Yarn's new location in Anderson. Margaret, the store owner, approached me about Crocheting a garment on Commission. I was so taken by her request I froze! Sure, I've made things as gifts for people but they really can't say "Gawd that's aweful, I'll never wear that!" See cuz it's a gift. They have to smile and say "Thank You!" no matter what. So like I said when Margaret approached me about this I was speechless.

This is what Margaret would like me to make.

Yea. I know! Beautiful right?! And after my inital panic attack, I got to looking at it. It's just Granny Squares really. I can do this! So I brought the pattern with me today and between customers and phone calls and basicly my real job, I'm going to see if I can whip out some swatches. (Yes, Holly, SWATCHES! OMG! I know!) I figure if someone is going to PAY for my Crochet, then it should probably actually FIT that person, the least I can do is swatch.

Oh and don't worry about the header, I'm to pigheaded stubborn to quit. If it KILLS me I'll get it right. Or beg for help.