Monday, February 2, 2009

No-thing (again)

I spent most of the weekend farting around working on my blob header. What? You didn't notice it? You say it looks the same as it did last week? Huh! That's because I'm completely incapable of making Photoshop & Blogger work together!!!!!!! I have the header I want all set up in Photoshop as a GIF file. And when I upload it to Blogger it either stretches it to full screen or squishes it to postage stamp size. And when I say I farting around worked on this all week end I mean ALL WEEKEND! Friday night I was tempted to pitch the laptop through the picture window. The ELPH suggested I leave it alone for a bit (good advice).
Saturday I started anew. I mean from scratch. I couldn't remember what changes I'd made to which file and my desk top was covered in edited files so I just wiped the slat clean and started again. Only to be stumped again my the Bloggger upload. Saturday evening we had Friends and neighbors B & J for dinner. It was wonderful if I do say so myself. I made my Grandma's recipe for Pork Chops (pictures? Wha? I was too worked up about the freaking header to take pictures!), lightly browned boneless chops, covered in a can of stewed tomatoes, cooked til done. And they MUST be served with mashed potatoes
and green beans. But I cheated and used Green Giant Steamers Red Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans in a Rosemary Butter Sauce. Aside: One bag= plenty for 2, not quite enough for 4. live & learn. J made her world famous (OK neighborhood famous) salad, I popped in some biscuits, opened a(nother) bottle of wine and we were good to go. B & J are healthier eaters than the ELPH & I so I tried to watch the carbs and portion size. But I did buy dessert. Just two slices of plain cheesecake, one for each couple to split. After dinner I brought up the subject of my Blog header issues with B. He's a whiz with photo editing software and gave me a couple pointers that I hadn't thought of. But after several glasses of wine I wasn't in any shape to attempt working on said header.
Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Why does the Pre-Game start 10 hours before the game!!?? Why do all the other stations assume you'll be watching the Pre-Game and run CRAP all day? I couldn't even find decent House re-runs.

Anyway all that time spent on the header ment that nothing else got done. No-thing! No swatching, no Turnberry crocheting. So once again I got nothin!