Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maggie Wrap and .com update

I've gotten a couple swatches of the Maggie Wrap completed but the gauge is too big so I'll need to go down a hook size and start again. The pattern is pretty easy. It took longer to translate than to swatch. I forgot the camera. Sue me. Photos tomorrow.

Do you remember that I work for a small ISP, web design and computer repair company? And I've been flogging myself with Blogger for the last week? Well this morning I decided to ask our in house web designer (because he is way more patient with me on these things than the ELPH) (Love you Honey!) some questions about .coms and Frontpage, pros & cons that sort of thing. I really sat down and thought about how I would phrase my questions as I tend to just start speaking and dribble comes out until eventually there is enough information out there for you to get a general idea of what the hell I'm trying to say. So I go into RM's office and say "I'm looking at a .com for my blog. What can you tell me about Frontpage? What do you use?" I take a breath to ask another question and he cuts me off to say "Nonono. I'll hook you up with Wordpress. I can move all your posts and widgets over intact. It's easy. Here look." RM pulls up a site he's working on and inserts a picture BANG! Then he moves the picture and the paragraph adjusts to the picture!!!! No bazillion hard returns mysteriously jumping in there. "Don't like it there?" he asked. BANG! "Move it over here. Don't like the size?" Bang! He resizes the picture. Right there IN the document!!! He looks at me over his shoulder because I'm uncharacteristically quiet and ever so gently shuts my gaping mouth with his index finger and laughs! He said "Don't worry. I got you covered."

RM said this would be easy so hopefully I can get with him again today (he really does work) and get the skinny on all this.

I just hate when I'm stubburn.