Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knit Nite and Tally's Sweater and a (dot)com

Yesterday I decided to take a break from the Turnberry and really look at this Maggie Wrap pattern. Margaret at Yes Yarn loaned me the book Blueprint Crochet, where the pattern appears.

Note the title: Blueprint Crochet. The entire title: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter.
There are even little diagrams below each picture on the cover. Should have been a clue. Maybe I should have actually looked at the entire book instead of just the pretty pictures because inside there are no written instructions!

That's right NO WRITTEN PATTERNS. NONE. Zippo. Nada. What's inside you ask? Well let me just show you...

Yes that's the pattern. How nice. I've made items from patterns that use diagrams but they were always ACCOMPANIED by a written pattern!
Now, don't get me wrong. I can read this. Really...It says...ch9, sl, sc16, ch2, dc, ch1, picot, ch1, dc2tog...See! It's just a different way of reading a pattern I guess. I'll get it down here in a bit.
In the mean time lets take a little look at Knit Nite! Here are most of the ladies that meet at the Piddlin' Patch every Tuesday night.
We even have our very own Knitting Instructor, Jackie (not pictured) who joins us almost every week. The Knitters in the group all started a sweater with Jackie a few weeks ago. Those three ladies on the left there, those are my Crochet buds!
This is Tally. She's the fastest knitter in the South!
Gorgeous! Not the Almond Coffee Cake! The sweater! Well the cake was Dee-Lish!

The Piddlin' Patch is the cutest little Frame Shoppe. When it's light again at 6pm I'll get a picture of the place. Cute, cute wooden frame house with front porch. Anyway Sara, the owner offers all sorts of other craft supplies; Embroidery Thread & Cross Stitch, Paint & Brushes, Basket Weaving and of course Knit & Crochet.

It's a small selection by comparison but she'll order anything if need be.
I've been thinking about this header business and blog issues and my inability to to use PhotoShop and Blogger together or separately and I've been thinking about getting a .com. Some of you use Blogger and have a .com. Pros? Cons? If I get away from Blogger all together and go with FrontPage document process, thoughts? I'm no techy by any stretch of the word. The ELPH is quite the Tech-no-dweeb and I work for a ISP and computer repair company but all I know I've learned through osmosis. Besides, why do I need to know this stuff when I'm surrounded by people who eat html code for breakfast and like it?
The .com poll and suggestion box is now open. Any and all contributions, suggestions and concerns are greatly appreciated.