Friday, January 23, 2009

Neat Nick I Am Not

Apparently some of you are under the impression that I am some sort of Neat Nick. Whatever gave you all this idea? I can tell you the opposite is true. Heck I can SHOW you!

See the ELPH and I don’t have children so, no toys or shoes or book bags laying about. But who needs kids when you have me?

Here is the Back Entry, that door leads to the garage.

The empty popcorn tin and the old flatbed scanner? Yup, they've been sitting there since Christmas. On the wall directly in front of that bench is a whole row of hooks for hanging jackets and such. That’ll be important to remember for the next two photos.

From the Back Entry you walk into the Kitchen where you will find…
What? What’s this? A Jacket? And another pair of shoes? No, can’t be! Cuz there’s hooks back there just for hanging coats, purses & bags on, right?

And look at this living room! How do people live here?
That stack on the table? It's my stuff. That’s been there 2 weeks. Aside from the book on the top, I don’t even remember what’s there.

Turn around. Let’s see what we have here in the Front Foyer.
Ah yes, two MORE pairs of Linda’s shoes and yet another jacket. And the dog leash hanging on the door knob? Yes, it’s supposed to be stored in a drawer in that foyer table there on the left.

This Plant? It is directly behind it is a very nice, cushy leather chair in the living room.
The Jaspurr cat launches himself off the chair right into the middle of said plant and tears the leaves off. I can clean these up every ten minutes but it looks like this again when I turn around. I think I’ll just wait out his obsession and then clean it up.

Back into the Kitchen
hmmmmm…this is not looking good.

Oh my. This is definatly not a good thing. So now you know. No neat nick lives here. Maybe when I get that cardigan done I’ll give you a peek at my closet. You know the one full of clothes. All kinds of clothes I can’t wear.

On second thought, maybe not, it’s in worse shape than the rest of the house.