Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving MIL

The ELPH’s parents moved from their retirement home in Tennessee into a two bedroom apartment at Carlyle Place 8 or 9 years ago. Carlyle Place is a Continuing Care Retirement Community with tons of amenities and services. ELPH always told his Parents that their moving there was the best gift they could give him as he never has to worry about whether they’re eating or getting out or if someone will find them if they fall and get hurt. They have several friends that moved from the same Tennessee neighbor hood living there also.
ELPH’s Father died a few years ago from cancer. So in an effort to stretch her limited income as far as possible the ELPH suggested his Mother move to a smaller apartment. She agreed but was not optimistic that an apartment would open up anytime soon as “someone has to die” in order for her to get a new place. A One Bedroom “just down the hall” opened up two weeks later. When she called to tell us she was practically in hysterics because she only had 30 days to move! ELPH & I calmed her down and told her we would take care of everything. So last Saturday we drove 3½ hours down to Macon, GA to get her moved “just down the hall”.
Now I love my MIL but she’s not much on organization or planning ahead. When we arrived nothing was packed and she was fretting about “We are never going to get this all done today. You’ll have to stay all week to get this all moved! All this is never going to fit in the new place!” Breathe, MIL, breathe. (Take another Blue Pill, Linda) I have to keep reminding myself that she is 85 and physically she is but mentally she’s probably 65. She had moved all her clothes from the closet and a few miscellaneous things from around the apartment. “Just down the hall” turned out to be “just on the same floor”. The new place is on the opposite side of the complex. It took me 3 minutes to walk from the old place to the new. We must have walked miles!! With the exception of her dresser, the ELPH and I got all the furniture she was keeping moved to the new place by Midnight. She nearly had a fit when we said we forgot our inflatable mattress and would sleep on the floor. But we were so tired we could have slept anywhere. My feet hurt all the way up to my hips!
Next morning we got some help from ELPH’s Cousin G. We were so glad he was able to come too! By 3:30 we had pretty much gotten everything MIL wanted to keep into the One Bedroom. And Cousin G took all the furniture MIL no longer wanted away with him when he had to leave. The ELPH and I will have to go back one more time to pitch out the trash and have MIL go through some of her things and the stacks of papers she’s collected. You know stuff you might need someday like the owners manual for the toaster you received for a wedding gift in 1912 and that you finally replaced in 1932. But you might need that manual so don’t throw that out! Actually it was quite funny. MIL is a container whore. No really she has a container for everything. We found a zippered bank bag and ELPH pitched it in the trash pile. MIL said “oh don’t throw that out! It’s still good!” He asked what are you using it for? MIL said “Oh I might put something in it someday.” Um remember she’s 85? Apparently she doesn’t. But then again her Mother lived to be almost 100. Yea. Woo-who.