Friday, December 12, 2008

The Tuesday Night Knit Group (ZPDK)

Zombie Prom Date Knitters!

Back Row: Pat & I. Standing: Tally, Donna, Jackie, Sara.
Seated: Gwen, Beverly, Linda, Robyn, Diana

These are the very fine Ladies I meet with every Tuesday night at the Piddlin' Patch Frame Shoppe here in town.

Sara is the owner of the shop and carries all number of needles, hooks and books and a small corner of yarn. Her store is chock full of all kinds of crafty goodness from cross stitch & basket weaving supplies to decorative candles and holiday decorations. She is so sweet to open her doors to us every Tuesday evening for as long as we decide to stay. She always gets a pot of coffee going and has a few snacks set out for us when we arrive. We are so appreciative of her that we all pitched in and bought her and her husband a gift certificate to a local restaurant. She was very surprised!

She keeps threatening to sit down and join us at the yarn table but she usually is flitting around the shop or in the back framing a special order. Someday we'll catch her!

Jackie is a knitting teacher. Sara invited her come to the Piddlin Patch to teach a class on knitted socks (before I merged my little group with theirs) and she likes our company so much she keeps coming back. Did you know you can UN-knit???? Well I didn't but Jackie can!

She's a whiz at fixing the weird mistakes we bring in. And she's always teaching, always ready to help.

This past week we all met at Robyns beautiful home for a Christmas Dinner and a little knitting. She had several beautifully decorated Christmas trees, one with nothing but Reindeer ornaments on it! Robyns got a thing for Reindeer!

(check out her shirt).

And she has the most extensive Dept 56 snow village I've ever seen outside a store! And this isn't even all of it!

I'm so lucky to have found this group of ladies. They are all so nice. I hope I can get to know them all much better in the coming year.