Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday & Christmas

Today I'm thankful I have a job. Especially after that last call I made. Let me explain something. See all my life I have been in Customer Service. From my very first job as a bank teller, to my Colorado experiences in hotel reservations, front desk and switchboard, to cocktail waitress, retail sales, to office manager. I can guarantee you I've been on the receiving end of an angry, frustrated customer phone call or two (or ten). Today it was their turn. All I want to do is cancel a service. Why is this so difficult? You would think it would be perfectly clear after the last 4 monthly phone calls to cancel said service and the fact that I haven't paid any of the last 4 monthly invoices you've sent BECAUSE I HAVE CANCELLED THE SERVICE FOUR FREAKING TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately (and unbeknownst to me) my boss has had this very same conversation with them as well. So when I blew my top with this imbusil, ignoramus, useless waste of flesh with the job description of customer service rep, my boss just laughed and said he couldn't believe I didn't blow sooner. Huh. Well. O.K. then.

I'm also thankful that this...

and this...

Now look like this....(And the Choir sings "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!")

Jaspurr was VERY interested in the tree. He was all in the box (yes I have an artificial tree. Get over it!) and the packing material and once the tree started to go up he was all up in it too. So I decided to forgo the glass ornaments untill he settles down a bit an can be trusted not to "kill" my tree and all the pretty danglies.

But at the moment he finds every thing about the tree very exciting and conciders it his personal play thing.
You lookin for me?