Monday, December 1, 2008

New Family Member

Look what followed me home

O.K. so I picked him up. At the Feed Store. But look how cute he is!!! That's what I told ELPH. Actually the phone conversation went something like this...

Me: ELPH, from now on you have to go to the Feed Store and buy the cat food.

ELPH: Why?

Me: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get out of there with JUST cat food??

ELPH: What do you mean?

Me: They ALWAYS have the cutest kittens there! It's all I can do to NOT take them all home! You have to go next time.

ELPH: Oh come on. What did they have?

Me: The cutest orange & white brothers you've ever seen! They were all up on the counter, purring and rubbing their foreheads on me.

ELPH: Really? Long hair or short? (Ah ha! Now he's hooked!)

So I talk him into taking me out to lunch. On the way back to the office I ask him to come with me to "just look" at the kittens. (insert evil laugh here "bwahahaha")

You can see the result:)

Fat Cat is being a total wimpy girl cat. Hissing and spitting and time Buster gets any closer than this...

Never mind that Fat Cat out weighs Buster by, oh lets be conservative here, say 15 pounds! She's being a big, fat, baby is what she's being.

The Skinny Dog is being so good. She just wants a good sniff but Buster is still nervous about being in a new home but has already learned that Skinny Dog has a healthy respect for cat claws and if Buster doesn't run, the dog won't chase. More cuteness will follow.