Friday, December 19, 2008

Historic? Antique? Nope. Just OLD

Holy Bee over at Knit with Snot for You posted a list of Random Knitterly Things. One of her favorite things that she knit or crocheted was a Ripple orange/green/yellow afghan she made in High School. Holly loves color, lots and lots of color but she really LOVES Orange & Green!

This got me thinking about my Crochet Beginnings. My Mom was quite crafty. She could draw and paint and sculpt clay, knit, crochet and sew. She taught me to crochet when I was 10. My very first project was a lavender & white striped Poncho with a drawstring neckline and fringed bottom. I remember it used a a big hook, Mom probably gave me the pattern. I loved that poncho. I wore it everywhere! I wish I had a color photo of it but this black & white will have to do.

Yes, that's me. Circa 1972 (Told you it was old!)

I don't remember making anything after that but I'm sure there were scarves and hats somewhere in there made from all shades of lovely Acrylic.

In my twenties I made baby blankets for my friends and my cousins and my co-workers. Lots and lots of baby blankets. Usually a pattern called
Reversible Baby Afghan or Shells and Chains Afghan. The Reversible took twice as long to make because you were literally making two blankets in one. I only made this one if I knew long in advance of the arriving baby. And if I knew the sex I could make one side blue or pink and the other white. The Shells and Chains blanket I could whip out in a week, riding the Rock Island train from Blue Island to Downtown Chicago everyday gave me lots of time to work on it. I'd make up 2 or 3 in white and stash them. When I needed a gift quick I could just trim it out in pink, blue or what ever color they were using in the nursery. Clever huh?

When I met the ELPH, OK he wasn't the ELPH then. He was the Hot, Tall, Blue Eyed, College Educated, North Side Guy in the Cool Silver Pontiac Fiero GT!

But HTBECENSG CSPFGT doesn't roll off the tongue like ELPH does.

Anyway he had this great townhouse in Hoffman Estates that was way better that the South Side basement apartment I was living in, so I would usually drive an hour up the Toll Road to spend the weekend at his place. (gasp! say it isn't so!) So for our first Christmas together I decide to make a afghan for his place. You know something big enough for both of us to snuggle toghether under. This Plaid Afghan is what I made. I added a couple extra rows to make it Queen sized.

It's made in strips, single crochet two strands toghether, then whip stitch the strips together. One color is carried throughout the strip. Navy & Lt Blue, Navy & White, Navy & Cranberry, Navy & Navy. Boring, boring, boring and it took forever but easy, easy, easy. And because it's two strands it's thick and heavy! Perfect for those cold Chicago winter nights.

So Holly? Tracyb? All my ZPDK buds? I'll be happy to send you the pattern and material requirements if you want to give it a go. Holly, I think this would look AWESOME in shades of Orange & Green! What do you think?

So there ya go. More than you probably wanted to know about me & my crochet!