Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family at Christmas

Christmas dawned white here in South Carolina. Not snowy white.
Foggy white.

We had a very quiet, laid back day.

Friday we had a couple of neighbors over for a casual dinner and then on Saturday the ELPH and I and the dog drove up to my parents place outside Gatlinburg, TN.

We arrived just in time for a sunset drink on the back deck.
Sunday morning was so pretty we took our coffee on the deck. It was so good to just sit and catch up and relax with my (younger!) sisters. Don't they look great?

Mom was having a good day too. She didn't seem to know us but was happy for the company.
Later she had what my father describes as a "sad episode" and what I would call a full blown melt down. She was in hysterics, sobbing and completely panicked. We have no idea what set it off. It took about half an hour to get her calmed down.

The kids spent most of their time like this.

And the guys spent some time like this.

So we put them to work.
That kept them out of trouble for a little while.
We had a very nice visit. It was short and it's been too long between visits but with these youngsters in the house, the activity and the conversation, never stopped. Just trying to get them all in one spot at the same time was a challenge. This is the only picture of the eight that I took at this sitting that someone wasn't moving or talking or laughing!
It was a great couple days but it's good to be home. Next I need to gear up, clean up and stock up for New Years Eve when we will have a houseful of friends. Should be a great time!