Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Annual Vet Visit

The ELPH and I took the whole pack to the vet today for yearly vaccinations and to get our newest pack member Jaspurr checked out. We find it easier to just suck it up and stuff them all in kennels and get it over with.
Fat Cat Pipurr (Pie-purr) HATES the "box"! She is now so big she can just barely turn around in it. And damn it! I'm not buying a bigger one just for the one trip a year that we use it! Aside from that it's always been a fight, literally, to get her in the carrier. It's like a cartoon! Hide the carrier as you bring it out of the closet, cuz if she sees it it's she's under the bed like a shot! And I'm now too fat to get under there after her!
ELPH stands the carrier on end and I grab the beast. You remember the cartoon where the cat puts all four paws on the door frame and can't be pushed through? Insert that image here... I'll wait... So now I have this 20# cat upside-down trying to get her head first into the carrier only she has managed to get all four paws on the entry door and won't be stuffed in! OK grab the front paws, get them IN the box, now the head is out and back feet are still firmly planted on door frame! GAAAAAAAAAAA! Well we finally managed it but not without me sustaining a gash to the hand. Nothing a little Neo-Sporin can't handle.
So now we're at the Vet and we decide Pipurr will be first. We open the door on the carrier and she won't come out. So I look inside and all I see is Fat Cat Ass. I pick up the carrier and try to dump her out on the table. Nope. Not gonna happen. So the vet says "don't worry we can do this". He reaches in grabs a slab of fur and gives her the shots right there! Easy-peasy! Close 'er up step back and see what she weighs, minus 2# for the carrier and we have....drum roll please.....19#! Pipurr remains the heavy weight in our house, although she has actually lost a coupe pounds, probably in just the last month that we've had Jaspurr. She's down from 22# last year.
Our Skinny Girl, Sparkie, is a svelte 27# and in excellent health! And she was very brave when they drew blood. The pack leader (moi) had to turn away just at the sight of the needle.
And our new boy Jaspurr they estimate at 7 months old and weighs in at a healthy 7#. Doc took a look at his teeth and said "Oh! He's going to be a big boy!" How can they tell that from teeth?? Anyway we left Jaspurr at the vet to um... ahem... have his "ginger bits" removed. We pick him up in the morning.
Now I'm off to join the ELPH in making the house guest ready before our K&T and L&H come to help us celebrate the ringing in of the New Year! See you all in 2009!
Happy New Year!