Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secret Packing Skillz

So yesterday I boasted about my secret packing talent. It’s true that I once helped a girlfriend move out of her crappy apartment (and relationship) by moving her out on our lunch hour. It was extremely difficult for her but easy for me. The guy was an ass and beat her on several occasions. There was no way I was letting her back out now. I had no sentimental attachment to anything there so it was easy to just pack stuff up. Since then I have had lots of house packing practice. The ELPH and I have moved 6 times in 15 years. No wait, make that 9 times. 6 homes, 3 rentals (while said homes were being built). Give me packing paper, a Sharpie, a tape gun and some boxes and we are outta here!

Suitcases I'm meticulous about. Everything must go in just so. The ELPH travels almost every other week on business and I pack his suitcase. Yes, Ladies, I pack his suitcase. Why? Because even though I won’t be seen with him, I don’t want him to be a wrinkled mess. And I do a better job of it. RealSimple has some great tips but in general here’s what I do.

First: Nag ELPH to put everything he needs to go in suitcase on bed. Every. Thing. I’m not responsible if you don’t have any underwear when you get there. I just pack it.
Second: Shoes go in first at the bottom along the sides (ELPH travels in casual clothes so a second pair of shoes is necessary.) Shaving kit in the bottom between the shoes. Line with socks & underwear etc. Lay pants in suitcase so waist is at bottom of case (over shoes & shave kit) and legs are hanging out over other end.
Next: Lay out all shirts buttoned, flat, face down, one on top of the other. Fold sleeves straight across shoulder to shoulder and hem to collar. Place shirt bundle on top of pants, fold legs over shirts. Small items may be packed in shoes and tucked inside along the edges but that’s it basically.

Having lovingly packed the ELPH so that he is neat and as wrinkle free as possible upon arrival, I am fully aware that he does NOT unpack when he arrives at the hotel. This does makes me completely insane.