Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

03. Climbed a mountain - 2 more than once!
I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for almost 6 years.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area holds a unique place in the history of skiing. It has sent more skiers to international competition than any other area in North America. Howelsen Hill is the oldest ski area in continuous use in Colorado, and has the largest and most complete natural ski jumping complex in North America. Howelsen has been the training ground for more than 64 Olympians making over 90 Winter Olympic appearances, 15 members of the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame and 6 members of the National Ski Hall of fame.

Elevation: 6,969 base, 7,136 peak

The brown "tower" in the lower right of the photo is the judges stand for the ski jump.
I watched many a Fourth of July Fireworks from the top of that mountain!

Mt. Werner is in the Park Range in NW Colorado. It reaches a height of 10,568 ft above sea level and the base elevation is 6,900 ft. It's vertical rise of 3,668 ft, makes it Colorado's second highest. It has five peaks (from lowest to highest), Christie Peak, Thunderhead Peak, Sunshine Peak, Storm Peak, and Mt. Werner.
The Steamboat Ski Resort operates on 2,939 acres of the mountain. It regularly receives some of the highest levels of snow in Colorado. The most recent ten year snowfall average was 334 in a a year. Much of the mountain and the resort are contained within the Routt National Forest. It is 153 miles NW of Denver.

Formerly known as Storm Mountain, it was renamed in 1965 in honor of Buddy Werner, an Olympian from Steamboat Springs who was killed in an avalanche in Switzerland in April 1964.

Sometimes Sophia at I Hope You Have a Good Day Charlie asked about this...

21. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
The ELPH and I share a birthday week in September, so we often do something slightly extravagant. When were living in Ringoes, New Jersey, The Coach n Paddock restaurant in Hampton, NJ teamed up with a balloonist and did a Champagne & Appetizers, Sunset Balloon ride and then Dinner at the restaurant. It was AWESOME! OMG! Middle of September beautiful evening. That "hot air blower" was loud!

Cinton, NJ

26. Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment - Tracyb at the Yarnaholic and Sometimes Sophia I Hope You Have a Good Day Charlie asked about this one.

It was horrible. I had this witch of a boss and I was in the process of transfering out of her department when she went into the hospital for routine surgery. And. she. DIED! Yea. And what's the first thing that popped into my head? The Wizard of Oz song "Ding Dong the witch is Dead". I litterally laughed out loud. Yea. Please God open the earth beneath my feet and swallow me whole.
50. Gone sky diving - Tandem. This was TOTALLY AWESOME! Sooo gonna do that again!!!
Unfortunately no pictures.

56. Alphabetized your CDs - And the DVD's. Nerd, I know.

19. Slept under the stars - See #81
81. Rafted the Snake River - Lo at Slap Happy Musings asked about this (she held a Tarantula!)

O.K. it wasn't the Snake. It was the Green River through Desolation Canyon in Utah. 5 days on the river raft with 13 other people and no hot water, no showers, no outhouse and lots of beer. Sleeping on the riverbank, eating under the stars. Very. Awesome. Fun.
125. Taken a canoe trip that lasted more thatn 2 days - See #81

98. Passed out cold - More than once.

First time due to a blow to the head while falling off a JetSki. The helmet wouldn't have helped (even if they were required then) I have the chin scar to prove it.

Second (third, fourth) alcohol induced. (Slow learner, maybe due to the first time?)

109. Touched a stingray - Very cool, soft, kinda like slimy moss

<- That's me with the goofy grin

This is not me -->

131. Parasailed - Totally Awesome!

Destin, Florida 1992. ELPH and I had just gotten engaged!