Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just What's Happening Today

Happy 68th Birthday Dad!

From your little Girl

In other news...

This is where we had Thanksgiving dinner. The Walhalla Liberty Lodge is a beautiful Victorian Manor built in 1884.
It was the first time we've made reservations for Thanksgiving. I must admit it was a little strange NOT to be eating all day and picking at the carcass all evening. And stranger still not to have all that food and all those dishes staring at me all weekend. But let me tell you I could really go for a slice of pumpkin pie right now.
On the other hand my behemoth behind may actually be diminishing just by NOT having those leftovers, cuz you know I’m not working out! Matter of fact my BB has been parked on the sofa all day crocheting and watching the Clemson/So. Carolina game. Go Clemson!

We went Atlanta on Friday to visit ELPH’s cousin G, wife P, twin 7yo boys and 15 month old daughter. ELPH’s Mom & Aunt were there as well. G & P have a beautiful home filled with family and fun. The boys are all about Guitar Hero. They played all afternoon long. We all ate a very nice simple lunch and I had a sliver of a pretty tasty Pecan pie for dessert. We had a nice visit. We don’t see them often enough. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Did I remember the camera? Um, no.

I'm been taking a short break on the gift cardigan I'm making. I've gotton the motifs for the cuffs and hem done so far. Eventually it'll look something like this... only in a aqua color.

But in the mean time I'm working on a scarf for friend. I've got about 8 inches or so done so far. I hope I have enough yarn to make it a decent length.
Well, Clemson has won and the ELPH is probably going to want to eat something tonight so enough for now.