Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is there something wrong with me?

Well yes, many things but we’ll get to those soon enough. Right now I’m talking about gadgets and being wired. I do not own an iPod. I have a six CD changer in the truck and I’ve had the same CD’s in there for almost a year. I LIKE the songs on them. I play them over and over (and over) and obviously don’t get tired of them. I don’t listen to music at home either. Unless I’m cleaning and that’s rare. I have a whole slew of CD’s on the shelf but rarely even look through them. I buy music maybe once a year.
I also don’t own a Blackberry or iPhone either. Matter of fact the only person I text is my brother. Mostly about the gas prices in our respective states. He lives in California. The time difference is an issue but J and I catch up with each other by phone maybe once every other month or so. My sisters and I talk every day, sometimes more than once. We’re girls after all and we talk about their kids and well, girl stuff. “Whatcha doin?” “nothin’, how bout you?” My phone does have a camera in it but I don’t own the cord that would allow me to download the photos I might take.
And what is this Twitter thingy? I can only assume it’s another method for keeping in touch on the go. But you know what? I’m connected enough. All day I’m at the computer. I’m lucky enough to have a job (and a boss) that, when my tasks are completed for which they pay me, I have the opportunity to check in with my blog friends and update mine. I have IM but I don’t like it much. I like my space. My quiet. I like being unplugged. I think if I had those gadgets I would be so focused on them and what’s going on else where that I would forget to look up and see what’s around me. I don’t begrudge anyone who does own and use them. I can see how they would be incredibly useful tools for some people. Actually I’m surprised that my sister P doesn’t have an iPhone. She has 5 kids between the ages of oh I don’t know…23 & 13 maybe? All the kids have different jobs, activities and sports. Half the time I call her she’s either in the van with half the kids or on her cell at home and had to put someone on hold on the land line to answer my call, has 3 kids asking her nine different things and the dogs are barking at the houseplants! Yea never mind, she needs an iPhone like a hole in the head.
Obviously I have my blog but I don’t update it everyday. Sometimes it’s because I simply have nothing of interest to share and most of the time I post for myself. I SO admire those of you who come up with these witty topics and write so eloquently about them. I’ve only been here 6 months and I’m still evolving. I’m not sure what gene I got but brother J got the writer gene, sister P got the keep pluggin along gene and sister S got the domestic gene (Fantabulous cook!).
I think that if I were more “plugged in” that I would need to up my Zoloft dosage. I have a hard enough time keeping all the things in my head from spinning out of control as it is. So I think on the subject of what’s wrong with me? I’d have to say nothin’. I’ve think I’ve found my happy medium.