Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best Part of My Day

I woke up this morning, the alarm beep, beep, beeping, annoyed that it was morning and the dog was pacing to go out. It was chilly in the bedroom and I just wanted to cover my head with the blankets and go back to sleep. But when I was able to focus further than the end of my nose I saw this.

I jumped out of bed, (dog runs ahead Yes! Gota pee, got to pee!) banged my knee on the footboard (that's gonna leave a mark) and limped to the kitchen. Camera, camera, camera! Where is my camera?? I know the colors won't last long.

Can't find the camera! Should have put my glasses on! Purse! Purse! Where's my purse? Ah! There! BAM! (Fall over dog who's trying to figure out why the hell I can't find the front door.) Camera, yes! O.K. Please, please, please light still be there.

Sigh. Dispite it being morning and my inability to function before 9:30am without coffee...sigh

It's a good day to be alive.