Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ahhh Sunday

This was what I call a really good weekend. It was all about me, me, me! ELPH had an appointment on Saturday that would take up most of his day. Which left me to my own devises. Wee! ELPH did take the dog out before he left so I was able to sleep in until almost 9am. Cup o coffee, bowl of cereal and the paper, ahhhh. A hot shower and then…SHOPPING! Yes, yes, I know. Friday is THE sale day but I despise shopping in crowds. I have no patience for the people, lines or parking lots. So since I’m not getting magically thinner (imagine!) and nothing I have from last year even remotely fits, Girlfriend LW and I shopped for clothes. A new Kohl’s opened up a couple weeks ago and she & I have been hot to get there. I’m bad to pick out black anything (it’s slimming, right?) Same ole, same ole; black pants, beige sweaters etc. So it was difficult to NOT pick up every pair of black pants I saw. LW was piling stuff in her basket while I meandered around looking for NOT black. I found a couple things and went to the dressing room to try them on. Next thing I know LW is outside my room throwing more clothes over the door. Stuff I wouldn’t have picked up to even look at. But I tried everything on in my NOT black adventure. A lot of it was fabulous! And all of it would have been purchase worthy had it not been for my XXL behind. These over the butt fashions this fall don’t go well with my XXL behind. All in all though I did find a couple pairs of not black pants and two beautiful not black sweaters. I will definitely be shopping with LW again.
Sunday was again a very leisurely morning with breakfast out at the local family owned restaurant followed by the dreaded but unavoidable Sunday Wal-Mart/Lowe’s trip. Fortunately we didn’t need but one or two things at each and we managed to stay on task. Back home we did about an hours worth of yard work, nothing to strenuous. Back in the house, back to the couch, the laptop and remote to give my behemoth butt another chance to enlarge its self. What I wouldn’t do for some ice cream right now.