Sunday, October 5, 2008

Twisted, Naked Crochet Squares

Ha! Gotcha didn't I? Lets see how many of you got here by searching twisted & naked:)

Anywho, I joined the NYOBE (Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange) over on Ravelry last month and all I've managed to whip out is two and a half 12" squares. This should be easy especially since I whipped out 6 or 8 squares for the Barbara J Hopps charity blanket in no time flat.

So just to blow my own horn here they are.

This one is called Basket Weave and is pretty simple and straight forward for me and didn't take but a couple hours to complete.

This one on the other hand I frogged several times! I'm sure is in a book somewhere but I winged it. It looks simple enough but I managed to add stitches to the edges and inbetween the FPhdc more than a few times!!

This one is still in the process and I also made up but I'm sure it isn't original. It's also giving me fits but I haven't had to frog yet. It should be finished this weekend if the Hubby doesn't find any "really important, absolutely can't wait", yard work for me to do.

You know like picking up pine cones cuz they look untidy in our "natural" area.

Yea, right. I'll get right on that Honey.

I am really enjoying these Cabled squares though. I'm not big on making Granny Squares and I've always loved the look of Knitted Cables. As I'm sure you've concluded from the Why, why, WHY? post I've ong been unhappy with most crochet patterns. I am now very determined to make pretty, non-holey, Granny Square-less items!

Oh and look! Look what I can do!

It took me like 4 hours to knit this much so, if anyone from my Ravelry NYOBE is reading this, you will be getting a CROCHETED square from me unless you're willing to wait until next year or longer cuz I haven't learned to cast off yet either.
I must admitt it's easier than I remember.
As a kid Mom taught me & my sister Phyllis. My gauge was so tight I couldn't get the needle into the stitch. It frustrated me to no end. Phyllis on the other hand went on to make sweaters. One in particular I remember was red with a white angora flower knitted into it near the shoulder. It was beautiful and I was jealous.
Oh! I gotta go! Hubby wants to go out on the lake! See ya!