Monday, October 27, 2008

Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival

WOW! Where to start? Let’s see. I was accosted by this guy the minute I was in the door.
I was doomed from the start.

But when I finally fought myself free I saw this.

It was amazing. There were spinners and roving.

And customers trying out new Spinning Wheels.
Bags of raw fleece.

and Tables of dyed fleece.
Boat loads of yarn And Orbs of Fluff.

Oil painted Sheep "Sheep Incognito" painted by Connie Tögel.

Silk Roving

and Angora Roving

(More bunnies)
Walls and walls and walls of hand painted yarn

And rolls of batted roving.
There were Knitted Alpaca throws and Mini Alpacas and Felted Alpaca toys
Kids (SEVEN kids in here family!) hawking bunnies
Beautiful Wet Felted Flowers

And Gorgeous Mitered Squares Jackets
Knitted Granny Square Wraps,
Amazing Knitted Sweaters
and Entralock Berets.
So what followed me home? This…. Roving from Ravelry’s own Knit Witch, a 5 pack of Gale’s Art Roving, Donna's Organic Shea Butter Hand treatment, Miss Babb's Sock yarn for the Troubador Socks in my Ravelry queue and a Miss Austen, crocheted circular love knot shawl pattern, designed by Elizabeth Nicole foe the Unique Sheep.
Whew! Man did my feet hurt. I really wanted to buy everything I layed my hands on, which was everthing I saw! Alas, I have too many thing in my queue already. Too much on the To Do List! makes me even more scatter brained thatn usual.