Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Official!

My friend Holly was the first person to comment on my blog.

Holly lives in the mitten.

She married an Ogre and birthed 3 Pigs.
(Seriously! Look how TALL he is!)

She knits , she crochets and

she spins.

She recycles and she fights the Man.

She’s a Tie-Dye wearing ,

cake eating ,

two fisted drinker.

She stalks knows Famous People.

She’s practically a one person sales force for Briar Rose Fibers.

The most awesome hand dyed yarn you'll ever fondle!

But most importantly she’s a Zombie Slaying, Charity Knitter.

She knits for the Cancer & Kidneys.

She’s got them standing in line to join her team

of Zombie Prom Date Knitters.

And now it’s official. I've got all the official gear; bags, buttons and t-shirts....

I am proud to announce that Fat Cat Crochet has joined forces with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters!

Thanks Holly for being the coolest and most awesome!

And for letting me crash join your Team.

Check out her awesome at Knit With Snot for You.