Monday, October 13, 2008

How do YOU define Recreational Companionship?

My husband was in heaven this weekend. He requested some “Recreational Companionship”. Now before you go getting the wrong idea, let me give you the Hubby's definition of Recreational Companionship. Recreational Companionship means going with Hubby to big box home improvement store where I sit on a can of paint for 1.3 hours while Hubby tries to find special nails he needs for a project.
Why can’t they place chairs around these places? Or better yet a coffee shop? Yes, a coffee shop with home improvement magazines filled with very cool arbors, and fountains and beautiful landscaped back yards. That would be perfect! Then the Hubby wouldn’t have to listen to me sigh every 5 seconds. He could window shop at his leisure and I could enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a pretty magazine. Sorry.
Recreational Companionship means that even though I do not need anything from said store and that MY to do list involves piles of laundry, ironing, dishes and just sitting on my ass enjoying the relative peace and quiet, I still go to the big box home improvement store with Hubby.
This weekend Recreational Companionship involved a dethatcher, a lawn tractor with clipping catcher, an aerator, grass seed & fertilizer.

A primer on grass; Here in South Carolina most people grow a hot weather grass like Bermuda

or Centipede.

Hubby & I being Yankees from Chicago prefer a grass that doesn’t go dormant and turn brown in Winter.

So we chose Fescue. It requires more (automatic) watering and more frequent mowing (by me-but I do a freaking fantastic job!)

Anywho, Hubby did 99.9% of the work. And a great job he did too! My problem was that I just wanted to sit on my ass (It's Sunday!)on the deck and crochet up another squares for the NYOBE. But because he asked me real nice (and it wasn’t 105 in the shade) I didn’t complain (too much). I pulled crabgrass weeds by hand, while he went to rent the dethatcher. After he ran (sometimes literally) the dethatcher through the yard, I used the lawn tractor to suck up the thatch. Sounds easy right? Sure it is, except tractor throws up all this dust and thatch and debris and it blows all over you ( I had dirt & debris EVERY WHERE!) and the catcher bags got full in ONE length of the lawn. And what to do with the thatch? Where to dump it? We don’t have trash pickup in this area; we take everything to the recycling center, glass, plastic, oil, paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, tires, batteries. (You name it we recycle it.) Regular ole trash trash goes in the landfill. But they won’t take lawn debris. Hmmm. OK. For now I’m going to dump it all in the back of my pickup truck. (yes, that is my truck). So now the lawn is dethatched and sucked. I can rest now. WRONG! Now I have to go find someplace to dump this load so we can return rented dethatcher and rent aerator. And with my handy dandy magic wand poof! All gone. Really! (It was not illegal)

Hubby let me take a break in which I took the opportunity to move laundry from one machine to another , start another load and fold the dry stuff.

By now Hubby has completed the aeration and seeding and wants me to spread fertilizer. Back on the tractor and off I go. Yippeee! So the lawn looked like this on Friday

and this on Sunday afternoon. Yea, all that work

to make the yard look like crap. Oh but come Spring it will be the prettiest lawn in the development. All because the Hubby is an amazing hard worker and asked for some Recreational Companionship!