Monday, September 29, 2008

Why, why, WHY?

I crochet. You might have figured that out just by reading the title here. Knitting is much more popular I believe but it makes me angry and frustrated when I knit. No one wants to be around me when I'm angry and frustrated so I layed the needles down but continued to feed my fiber addiction with the hook. I am often very dissapointed in crochet pattern books. They seem to have an endless stream of scarves, tote bags, belts and fun fur. So when I stumbled on these two very "special" websites What Not to Crochet and What Not to Knit I just had to pass them along. Some of these are truely hidious, don't say I didn't warn ya.

There is the typical ~

And the "High Fashion" ? ~

The Low Fasion ~

Childrens ~

Scary toys for said kids ~

Fasion for Men ?~

(He's looking too longingly at that horse for my taste))

Koosies for your Coffee ~

Covers for your Feet ~

& Legs ~

Home Accessories ~

And my all time personal favorite........

Why? Why, why, why?