Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My View lately...

You might have noticed my Ever Patient & Loving Husband and I live on a lake.

It's a very pretty lake,

very clean

and clear.

We enjoy it as often as we can.

"What?!?" you say, "Every chance you can?" Yes, you see, we still have our jobs to go to, laundry to do, a lawn to mow (yes I do that. Why? because frankly, I do a better job than my Ever Patient and Loving Husband), mulch to spread, groceries to buy, meals to cook (OK, so the extent of my cooking involves opening a box and pressing 3,0,0 start) garments to crochet and blogs to write. But when that's all done (or we say the hell with that it's too pretty, lets get out on the lake), we do enjoy the lake.

We have great neighbors and good friends we often get together out on the lake.

When we see them (or visa-versa) out floating in noodle chairs we grab a drink (alcholic of course. Hello!) (Did you know the Big-T Tervis Tumbler will hold HALF a bottle of wine?) and head out as well. It turns into small floating, drinking, sunburning, party.

Last year good friends and neighbors L&D purchased kayaks. We'd often see them floating out in the cove just talking about their day and generally winding down. It looked like a great way to end the day. A few weeks ago good friends and neighbors B&J bought kayaks too. Well! I won't be left out like this! So the E.P. & L. Hubby & I bought a pair too.

This is my view of the lake now...

It really is very relaxing and especially fun when our Friends join us.

This is J & B.

They've been living near Hollywood for the last 20+ years.

This is L with her teacup poodle Simba. Simba is 14, nearly blind and mostly deaf. We love her.

That's DW. Did I mention we drink while kayking?

I did?
Just checking.

It really is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

O.K. Fine! It's just another excuse to get together with our Friends and drink! O.K.?

Like we need an excuse.