Monday, September 15, 2008

Direction Dysfunction & My "local" yarn store

Just a few bits of information about me before we start. I have a direction dysfunction. This means that not only do I not know North from South from East to West. It also means I don’t know my left from my right. Whenever I go somewhere I always have a map. Not that it’s always useful. I mean if you’re lost how the hell you are supposed to find yourself on a map!? Anyway, even with the map I almost always make one wrong turn. It’s that whole left/right thing. That leads to making the same wrong turn the next time I make this trip because I went that way LAST time!

And now, The rest of the story.
Saturday I head out to one of the two ”local” yarn stores, the closest being 32 miles (57 minutes) away in (B) Anderson. An hour and a half later I find myself in (C) Greenville. No where near (B) Anderson. Well there is another “local” yarn store here somewhere so I wander around to find it. (Don’t wander too far…remember the direction thing.) No luck. I manage to find my way back to the main road but I have no clue how to get from where I am to where I need to be.

I swallow my pride and called my ever Patient and Loving Husband. The brief conversation goes something like this…
Me: “Hi, I’m lost.”
Hubby: “You’re lost?” giggle “How can you be lost?”
Me: “O.K. I’m not lost. I know exactly (C) where I am but it’s not where I want to be (B) and I don’t know how to get there from here without going home (A) first.”
Hubby: “O.K., my love. Where do you want to go?”
And my ever Patient, Loving Hubby, who excels in Direction, proceeds to tell me how to get from where I am to where I need to be.

The whole reason I’m shopping for yarn is because I joined Round 2 of the Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange (NYOBE) group on Ravelry and I don’t have any of the colors required (dark red/browns/gold/dark orange/some dark green) in the worsted weight required in my Stash.

SO! I finally get to my “local” yarn store. Guess what? They ain’t got what I need! Aaarrrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sure they have worsted weight in blue, pink, yellow & Kelly green but no Falls colors! Fine. Fine! I know there’s a Michaels & a Hobby Lobby on the way home (those I can find) so I’ll stop there. Low and behold Michaels has only ONE color (in Wool-Ease) that I can use and Hobby Lobby has nothing! Nothing! Aaarrrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this would discourage some people. Oh but not me. This just makes me mad. And when I get mad I'm gonna prove a point damn it. I’m gonna find the yarn if I have to order it from Haiti. And I’m gonna make some of the bestest, squarest, coolest 12 inch squares you’ve ever seen!!

So there Yarn Karma! I’ll show you! I’m a leaf on the wind watch me soar!