Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Report

Whenever have the chance I've been working on more squares for the Barbara Hopps Charity blanket and another secret project, so no photos. Spent Sunday afternoon chasing my dog. Every once in a while she gets a wild hair and decides to swim the channel across the cove. As a responsible pet owner who lives near the water she has her own lifejacket and I put it on her whenever we plan to be near the water. There is nothing on the other side of the cove except woods so she really can't get into much trouble. It just scares me to death when she does it! as I don't swim nearly as fast as she does. The really frustrating part is when she's swimming she gets so focused that she doesn't ignores me when I call her back! So there I was relaxing in my noodle chair with an iced tea and there she goes! Swimming her little heart out right on by me, just out of reach as I'm calling her back! Me paddling my fat arse (still in the chair mind you) as fast as I can after her! I'm too tired to reprimand her too severely by the time I get there. But now I have to haul both of us back to the other side!
Like Mrs. G, in the '08 Ass Project, I am NOT dieting. (Who needs to diet with all this exercise?!?) I will how ever TRY my best NOT to eat at places that serve Frosty's or Jamocca Shakes. First couple days have been eye opening. Thought I was doing O.K. as far as walking/exercise was concerned. Come to find out my morning walk with the dog is 3 minutes! And maybe 6 minutes after work! Poor thing. (No wonder she swims the channel!) Well that's changed. I'm not setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier but I am actually getting up on the FIRST ring! Our morning walk is now 20 minutes. Yea for me! Also parking as far away as possible at work and the grocery store. Join us in our quest for a better, more shapely ass!
Got to go stalk Ravelry store for tote bags and frog some projects that aren't working.