Sunday, August 10, 2008

Secret Projects Complete

All secret projects have been completed and received by their recipients so I'm now free to show everyone.

The Pattern Play Pillow from the May/June Crochet Today! I used Cascade220 in Clemson University colors. I made it for a neighbor’s daughter who's a freshman at Clemson this fall. It co-ordinates perfectly with the bed spread she bought.

At Midwest Fiber Fest my cousin Patti (Drag0nflylover on Ravelry) graciously gave up one of her Haley Waxberg Net Bags to Chris from Briar Rose Fibers. So I made patti a new one. Not a secret but the little bag was.

It's just a something to hold keys, phone and some cash (and in Patti's case cigaretts & lighter) that might fall through the holes in the net bag.

I made a couple more squares for the Barbara Hopps Charity Blanket, which I failed to photgraph before sending them on to Holly B.

And these secrets. Guess who they're for?

Now I can finish the Elegant Shell.
I've completed the back. I LOVE how it's turning out! I'm planning to alter the neck line on the front so that it scoops just a bit. And I'll need a camisole to go under it so I don't look like This...