Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'08 Ass Project - DISQUALIFIED!

Didn't do so well last week. Ha! That's an under statement. I'm a disgrace! I'm disqualifying myself from this race. I know, I know, it's not a race but this is ALL the exercise I did... Wednesday - walk .5 mile w/ dog and swam 200 yards in lake. (Not bad) Thursday (7am 77 degrees, 1pm 93 degrees, 5pm 95 - excuses, excuses!), walk .5 mile w/ dog. The heat wave broke on Friday but I just can't seem to get it together. Walk .5 mile w/ dog. That's it! That's ALL! Don't worry. I walk the dog every day (but only as far as it takes to do her business.)

If I can't even do more than walk the dog (and not very far at that) then I don't deserve to be a part of this project. I have ZERO energy.

Motivation? O.K. Sure. I took pictures and no one will EVER, EVER see them! They've already been deleted from the camera and the hard drive. They were the best motivation anyone can ask for. Everyday I get up and say I'm going to do it today and everyday the same thing happens. I get home from work walk the dog and then a black hole vortex opens up and sucks me into the couch!

Honestly I have the most energy mentally and physiclly about 11am. Being at the office it's a bit difficult to do a work out. Yea, yea there are plenty of Office workouts out there but WHEN I had a gym membership I didn't even workout in front of the guys (WHEN I had a gym membership..."Here you go, a nice big fat check for a year gym membership. Thank you so very much for taking my money!"
One year passes. "Hey! I didn't lose any weight! What's up with that?? What?!? You have to GO to the gym and workout?!? CRRAAAAP!"

Here are some pictures I will post...

This was fall '07

This was spring '08

Now you might think "Oh that's not too bad I mean she is 47."

Consider this. I've never given birth to any babies

and to me, in my head I still look like this...


I SO need to win the lotto, get a personal trainer.