Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Successful SnB at the Tiki Hut!

So Pat and I are having a nice time stitching at the Tiki Hut. We're prepared to make a dash inside if necessary.

It starts to cool off a degree or two, a nice breeze blowing, when the wait staff starts picking up napkin holders and salt & pepper shakers.

I look around and see this!

So we make the executive decision to head inside
just incase the bottom falls out.

I'm working on two color crocheted version of Amy Lynn Mitchell's knitted dishcloth.

This is the progress I made tonight.

Pat is starting Vintage Sock by Lisa Grossman from Tsarina of Tsocks.

So with more stitching and counting involved we actually got something done!

Next meeting Wednesday July 23rd. Same time, Same place!