Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day!

I'm just a quiver with excitement! Not that kind jeeze!
I'll be hangin' at Yes Yarn in Anderson, SC from 11 - 3. Yes all day. I sorta, kinda, volunteered to help. Hopefully it won't be 105 in the shade.

This Yarn Thang is like a DRUG.

All of a sudden I'm volunteering for stuff like Orange & Green, making flyers, placing ads (Upstatetoday and Independent Mail), and emailing every person I could find that ever mentioned knitting, crocheting, spinning, Hell! YARN for that matter! from the Meetup site.

I'm hoping for a really good turn out because Margaret at Yes Yarn is such a cool lady and I love her store. I know she thinks I'm a kook.

But seeing that I'm just a whack job who gets excited about yarn I'll probably be the only one there. IF any one else does show up they will be accosted? no... greeted with cheers & applause? maybe. Photographed? Absolutely! Heartily Greeted? Yes! Heartily Greeted and required? no... strong arm suggested? no... enthusiastically informed! YA! that's it! Enthusiasticlly Informed! that I want to start our own little Crochet (and Knit) Group here in Seneca.

ZPDK of SC? I've even checked out a really cool place to meet. The Tiki Hut! What could be better than hangin' with your peeps, crocheting, eating and drinking, LAKE SIDE!

More info soon!