Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWKiP Day at Yes Yarn, Anderson, SC

Well, another blazing hot day in SC. 2pm 91 degrees 28% humidity!
Needless to say WWKiP Day at Yes Yarn was held indoors, thank you Debbie!
Several people came early (O.K. on time) but had other engagements that prevented them from hanging out all day.

Thats's Paige, Kaley, Kay, Gabby, Debbie (Yes Yarn) and Jan!

So great to meet you all! See you @ Knit Nite!

The first question most fiber crafters ask each other is “What’cha making?” Followed by “Are you on Ravelry?” All of a sudden you’re meeting a long lost friend. “OMG! You’re (fill in the blank) on Ravelry? I’m So & So!” It’s kinda like meeting a movie star although I’ve never met anyone who’s ever been in a movie. (Not one that you’d pay to see anyway.) We had a small Gang that did manage to actually knit/crochet while we talked and laughed about our pets, kids, projects, yarn and Ravelry of course! We had a great afternoon!

I completed my 6th Haley Waxberg Grocery Bag and started on my second square for the Orange & Green
Barbara J. Hopps Memorial-Blanket Square for the Hope Lodge.

No, I'm not showing them to you! Not yet anyway.

Oh yea. Remember the geese and the Great Heron we had on the beach? Remember the 5 foot pine tree on the left?

Well, aparently we have a beaver cuz this is what we found this morning.

The Hubby is bummed.
He planted it.