Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swiftly Winding

It's here!

Simultaneous Projects are not unusual for most crafters but in my 30+ years crocheting (where did the years go?) I've never had more than one hook in the yarn at a time.

So when the Swift and Winder arrived last night it was a real struggle not to wind everything I had!

I mean look! I still have to block the Tears Scarf and add the beads,

work on the sock (it would be nice to eventually have two!)

and now that I have swift & winder make more Way Cool Bags!

But I can't do any of that until after work! O.K. I could work on the sock, IF I had brought it with me. I know, I know.
This 9 to 5 work thing is a real time suck!