Monday, June 2, 2008

Katie and Fiber Fests!

Katie Graduates! We all knew she would. Isn't she beautiful?! And smart too! So of course it's no surprised that she's been accepted to Clemson University! Go Tigers! She had a great day for her party. And everyone had a very nice time!

My Cousin Patti invited me to the Midwest Fiber Fest in Crystal Lake, IL in July! Made my flight reservations yesterday. I'm very excited! I'm going to have to bring limited funds and some serious medication just to keep from going all GaGa over all that beautiful fiber. I've never been to this kind of festival before. Come October I'm hoping Patti can come visit me and we'll go to The Southeast Animal Fiber Fest in Ashville, NC. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!

The Net Bag Herd is growing. I've finished 3 more. The Fantasy yarn I purchased I didn't remember to have wound. Dern! I've been waiting for an excuse to buy a Swift and Winder. Just have to wait till it gets here to start winding them and get started on more bags!

Also purchased a new wooden Brittany Crochet Hook that works fantastic with the Debbie Bliss silk yarn I bought for the Arachne's Tears Scarf. It's progressing well I think.

Over the weekend we had goslings, yesterday we had a
Great Blue Heron!

Not the best picture, (taken from the house with Canon PowerShot zoom fully extended) he's on the beach between the trees. He was like 5 feet tall! Huge!