Monday, June 9, 2008

Completed the Tears Scarf..Really!

I usually don’t know when I start something, who will receive it. Most often, it’s not for me. As I crochet it just becomes apparent to me who should have it. And as I completed the Arachne's Tears Scarf I just knew LW should have it. She’s an elementary school teacher and I know she’ll have many opportunities to wear it. Yes, I really completed it, beads and all. I even wrapped it in tissue and put it in a pretty bag to deliver it. She was thrilled and very appreciative.

Hot! Hot! Hot! …and not the Caribbean song kind of hot. 8:36 pm and still 96 degrees! Took a jump in the lake and stayed there for an hour before deciding it wasn’t going to get any cooler before it got dark. I had to mow the lawn or it was going to overtake the shrubbery!

We did venture out on the lake this weekend. The lake can get busy and choppy on weekends and it makes boating more challenging. Sparkie LOVES the boat. All we have to do is mention "boat ride" and she's ready.

So now that I've completed the scarf and while I'm waiting for a an internet order of yarn I'll just have to whip up another Way Cool Bag!