Thursday, June 5, 2008

Arachne's Tears Scarf Complete

Arachne's Tears Scarf is Complete. Well except for the beads. But ain’t it purdy?
And so, so silky soft, mmmmmm. (Oh! Sorry.) I might just keep this one for myself. I do have enough yarn to make another and it was super easy. Only took me a couple days. Got some great blocking tips from a 2005 Yarnharlot blog.

Still haven’t received my swift and yarn baller. OK, I only ordered them 5 days ago but I've got yarn to wind!
I'll just have to work on my sock until they get here.

(I get my patience or lack of from my father.)

Hot, hot, hot, Hot as dragons breath today!

Maybe I'll skip the sock and take the dog for a swim or boat ride when I get home.