Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Another Ones Gone,

Another one bites the dust!

On June 14th...

a Racally Beaver made very short work of the sapling pine tree the Hubby has been nurturing through a two year drought.

On June 27th...

Through keen CSI techniques (teeth impressions) it has been deterimned that the very same Rascally Beaver made another midnight raid on our tender, apparently tasty, landscape.

And then tried this one out for dessert...

On June 28th he came back for seconds.

The hubby isn't getting any fonder of this guy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Pine Bites the Dust

He's Baaack.

And he's a BIG sucker!!!

Now he's started on the Hardwoods
and the Hubby's ticked!

Apparently these buggers can get up to 40 pounds!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Seneca SnB!

Our group (can you call 2 a group? I'm calling 2 a group!) got together for our first Stitch n Bitch at the Tiki Hot, I mean Hut.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

What was I thinking? Stitching outside in the summer in South Carolina?

Good thing they have big honkin' fans out on the deck.

I'm thinking we need to find an alternate SnB site. But with views like this...

who can resist a lakeside seat?

Pat and I met on Ravelry.

We're both Yankees who now live in the same town!
How cool is that?!

Not a lot of Stitching and hardly any Bitching. We had a really nice time getting to know each other.

We'll try another get together in a couple weeks. Maybe some of the people who were not able to attend last night will be able to make the next meet up.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, I’m starting my own Crochet/Knit Group!
The first meeting is 6pm this Wednesday, June 25th at The Tiki Hut
at Keowee Marina in Seneca. Directions can be found here.
The Tiki Hut is one of only two restaurants on Lake Keowee. It's a very relaxed place to eat, drink and have fun in the sun. Or shade if you prefer. The bar area can even be closed in (with plastic roll down curtains!) if weather dictates. They even have live music some nights. Check out their calendar.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the people who’ve contacted me over the last couple weeks from the Meet Up site. Check the appropriate box at the left so I know how many chairs to pull together. Hopefully we'll firm up on a permenent date for future meetings.
See you Wednesday!

Hopps-Memorial Blanket Squares

O.K. So I couldn't decide which pattern to make for my 12" square for the charity blanket in honor of Barbara J. Hopps. So I thumbed through my copy of Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of crochet and these are the results...

Basket Weave Pattern

Textured Wave Pattern

Catherine's Wheel

Working on the last one, photo later today.

And (drum roll please!) #4, Linked Loops.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What was I thinking??

(V8 Juice bonk to the forehead and a Gibbs Slap to the back!)

Charity Linda! Charity! Sell the !%$*ing bags for CHARITY!

(Forgive me Holly....I'm new at this!)

O.K. so from now on if you want a Way Cool, Haley Waxberg Net Grocery Bag
I would very much appreciate
Please send a donation to

Ya gotta give $$LOVE$$ people!!

And as my Mom, Janet Johnson has this Dementia thing why don't we donate to the Alzheimer's Organization in her Honor?


Hugs! Thank you! Hugs!

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Bags for Me!

So, I’ve been making the Haley Waxberg Crocheted Grocery Bags so that I can bring them to the store and STOP THE PLASTIC!

Only problem is, is that every time somebody sees them their like “Oh! Can you make one for me?!” And I say “Sure, you can have this one.” And I give it away!

This one went to Katie

The pink one went to Jeanie

And Sharon will be getting these

What’s a girl to do? I guess I'll make more bags! Hehe!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWKiP Day at Yes Yarn, Anderson, SC

Well, another blazing hot day in SC. 2pm 91 degrees 28% humidity!
Needless to say WWKiP Day at Yes Yarn was held indoors, thank you Debbie!
Several people came early (O.K. on time) but had other engagements that prevented them from hanging out all day.

Thats's Paige, Kaley, Kay, Gabby, Debbie (Yes Yarn) and Jan!

So great to meet you all! See you @ Knit Nite!

The first question most fiber crafters ask each other is “What’cha making?” Followed by “Are you on Ravelry?” All of a sudden you’re meeting a long lost friend. “OMG! You’re (fill in the blank) on Ravelry? I’m So & So!” It’s kinda like meeting a movie star although I’ve never met anyone who’s ever been in a movie. (Not one that you’d pay to see anyway.) We had a small Gang that did manage to actually knit/crochet while we talked and laughed about our pets, kids, projects, yarn and Ravelry of course! We had a great afternoon!

I completed my 6th Haley Waxberg Grocery Bag and started on my second square for the Orange & Green
Barbara J. Hopps Memorial-Blanket Square for the Hope Lodge.

No, I'm not showing them to you! Not yet anyway.

Oh yea. Remember the geese and the Great Heron we had on the beach? Remember the 5 foot pine tree on the left?

Well, aparently we have a beaver cuz this is what we found this morning.

The Hubby is bummed.
He planted it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day!

I'm just a quiver with excitement! Not that kind jeeze!
I'll be hangin' at Yes Yarn in Anderson, SC from 11 - 3. Yes all day. I sorta, kinda, volunteered to help. Hopefully it won't be 105 in the shade.

This Yarn Thang is like a DRUG.

All of a sudden I'm volunteering for stuff like Orange & Green, making flyers, placing ads (Upstatetoday and Independent Mail), and emailing every person I could find that ever mentioned knitting, crocheting, spinning, Hell! YARN for that matter! from the Meetup site.

I'm hoping for a really good turn out because Margaret at Yes Yarn is such a cool lady and I love her store. I know she thinks I'm a kook.

But seeing that I'm just a whack job who gets excited about yarn I'll probably be the only one there. IF any one else does show up they will be accosted? no... greeted with cheers & applause? maybe. Photographed? Absolutely! Heartily Greeted? Yes! Heartily Greeted and required? no... strong arm suggested? no... enthusiastically informed! YA! that's it! Enthusiasticlly Informed! that I want to start our own little Crochet (and Knit) Group here in Seneca.

ZPDK of SC? I've even checked out a really cool place to meet. The Tiki Hut! What could be better than hangin' with your peeps, crocheting, eating and drinking, LAKE SIDE!

More info soon!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Completed the Tears Scarf..Really!

I usually don’t know when I start something, who will receive it. Most often, it’s not for me. As I crochet it just becomes apparent to me who should have it. And as I completed the Arachne's Tears Scarf I just knew LW should have it. She’s an elementary school teacher and I know she’ll have many opportunities to wear it. Yes, I really completed it, beads and all. I even wrapped it in tissue and put it in a pretty bag to deliver it. She was thrilled and very appreciative.

Hot! Hot! Hot! …and not the Caribbean song kind of hot. 8:36 pm and still 96 degrees! Took a jump in the lake and stayed there for an hour before deciding it wasn’t going to get any cooler before it got dark. I had to mow the lawn or it was going to overtake the shrubbery!

We did venture out on the lake this weekend. The lake can get busy and choppy on weekends and it makes boating more challenging. Sparkie LOVES the boat. All we have to do is mention "boat ride" and she's ready.

So now that I've completed the scarf and while I'm waiting for a an internet order of yarn I'll just have to whip up another Way Cool Bag!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swiftly Winding

It's here!

Simultaneous Projects are not unusual for most crafters but in my 30+ years crocheting (where did the years go?) I've never had more than one hook in the yarn at a time.

So when the Swift and Winder arrived last night it was a real struggle not to wind everything I had!

I mean look! I still have to block the Tears Scarf and add the beads,

work on the sock (it would be nice to eventually have two!)

and now that I have swift & winder make more Way Cool Bags!

But I can't do any of that until after work! O.K. I could work on the sock, IF I had brought it with me. I know, I know.
This 9 to 5 work thing is a real time suck!

Arachne's Tears Scarf Complete

Arachne's Tears Scarf is Complete. Well except for the beads. But ain’t it purdy?
And so, so silky soft, mmmmmm. (Oh! Sorry.) I might just keep this one for myself. I do have enough yarn to make another and it was super easy. Only took me a couple days. Got some great blocking tips from a 2005 Yarnharlot blog.

Still haven’t received my swift and yarn baller. OK, I only ordered them 5 days ago but I've got yarn to wind!
I'll just have to work on my sock until they get here.

(I get my patience or lack of from my father.)

Hot, hot, hot, Hot as dragons breath today!

Maybe I'll skip the sock and take the dog for a swim or boat ride when I get home.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Katie and Fiber Fests!

Katie Graduates! We all knew she would. Isn't she beautiful?! And smart too! So of course it's no surprised that she's been accepted to Clemson University! Go Tigers! She had a great day for her party. And everyone had a very nice time!

My Cousin Patti invited me to the Midwest Fiber Fest in Crystal Lake, IL in July! Made my flight reservations yesterday. I'm very excited! I'm going to have to bring limited funds and some serious medication just to keep from going all GaGa over all that beautiful fiber. I've never been to this kind of festival before. Come October I'm hoping Patti can come visit me and we'll go to The Southeast Animal Fiber Fest in Ashville, NC. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!

The Net Bag Herd is growing. I've finished 3 more. The Fantasy yarn I purchased I didn't remember to have wound. Dern! I've been waiting for an excuse to buy a Swift and Winder. Just have to wait till it gets here to start winding them and get started on more bags!

Also purchased a new wooden Brittany Crochet Hook that works fantastic with the Debbie Bliss silk yarn I bought for the Arachne's Tears Scarf. It's progressing well I think.

Over the weekend we had goslings, yesterday we had a
Great Blue Heron!

Not the best picture, (taken from the house with Canon PowerShot zoom fully extended) he's on the beach between the trees. He was like 5 feet tall! Huge!