Saturday, May 24, 2008

Art on the Alley

Art on the Alley in Seneca today and tomorrow.

Lots of very cool stuff; Music, wood turning demonstrations, lots of jewelry vendors, custom wrought iron pieces and copper art

funny Sheep paintings,

Check out all their stuff on the website
And one of my favoritesGourd Art!
Check out the street fair on Ram Cat Alley and Music on the Green until after dark.

The Way Cool Bag is already gone. Gave it to Katie, the coolest girl I know! She admired it when I showed it to her and her Mom LW. So I gave it to her. I mean really, I can make another one.

Oh wait. Dern it, I'm out of cotton yarn.
I guess I'll havta go see Margaret at

2508C North Main Street in Anderson and get more!

Last stop at Michael's to pick up ONE BALL of Sugar n Cream to complete a bag I started.
Craaap! Look what happened!
It self propagated before I got to the register!
I just hate that!
I feel a bag marathon coming on.