Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Finished Projects

When I'm in Tuesday Morning I always look to see if they have any yarn. Months ago I picked up 4 balls of Queensland Collection Delhi. Why only 4 you ask? Because that’s all they had.

After combing through my pre-Ravelry patterns I found that I could actually make something other than a scarf. The Come and Play with Me Childs Cardigan by Annette Petavy from Interweave Crochet Fall 2007 was completed for a few months now, with exception of the zipper. How the heck was I going to sew a zipper into a crocheted garment?

After searching the Ravelry blogs I found some great advise. Use glue! Yes glue. Not just any old glue. A glue that “is not intended for washable wearables”. I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Glued and pinned zip in place, pressed with a book and left to dry over night, sewed zippy in with machine and washed. Glues gone – zippers in to stay. Worked like a charm!

The Shoppers Net bag from Hooked Bags 20 Easy Crochet Projects by Margaret Hubert came out bigger than I anticapated at 24” long and I’m not crazy about the side seams. The next bag I'm working on is the Crochet Grocery Bag Patten by Haley Waxberg which is done in the round. It seems to be coming out smaller at 16” (I made them both with Sugar n Cream cotton yarn) than I imagined.

Gee, maybe if I actually READ the directions completely instead of looking at the pretty pictures I would've learned the finished size before I started!

Hmmm…. In the end I think I like Haley’s bag better. It’s a little more complicated; you have to count stitches/rounds, increase and decrease. I just like the finished look compared to the drawstring top and side seams on Margaret’s bag. The next ones I make will be longer.

Guess what you're getting for your birthday, anniversary and Christmas?