Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Macon Georgia

So I’m on my way back from visiting a family member in a Macon hospital (everything went perfectly!)
and ….Wait, what as that? OH! a Yarn Shop?!?

(Next to the Guns and Ammo place?!)

Rapid (Safe) Deceleration! Illegal U-turn, Up the Curb, Over the Sidewalk and into the parking lot!

“Oh No! 5:25! Are they open? They can’t be closed!” I burst through the door, YES! They’re open and “I’m here!” The place erupts into cheers! O.K. not really but every one was very friendly and glad to see me.

It's Boot Camp for Socks week at Creative Yarns. Everyone was wearing bright pink Boot Camp t-shirts. Sorry no picture. I was so excited to be there that I forgot I even had my camera.

This place is HUGE! (again no picture) And all the pretties!

Oh! Oh! OH! I’m being attacked! Oh it’s so lovely! Cashmere, silk, alpaca, mmmm. “Oh no! No, nono, NO!! Realllly, I can’t take you all home. Back, back!” I literally had to beat them off with my new Brittany crochet hook. With a tear in my eye I promised myself I’d be back.

So what did I work on all day while waiting and visiting in the hospital?

Haley Waxberg’s net bag! Using stashed Plymouth Fantasy cotton yarn. I'll have to give it to my Hippest Friend when it's finished.