Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm a Baaad Mommy.

Kitty Mom that is. I swear I let her in last night. I swear! Her normal “let me in” sign is to claw the CRAP! out of the weather stripping on the front door. Kinda hard to ignore and because I have mom hearing I can hear her from anywhere in the house. So it’s only HALF my fault that she was out all night. Doesn’t matter. She won’t even look at me now.

So this is supposed to be a crochet blog and until I can take pictures like my fellow blogger Knit with Snot, you’ll just have to live what I give you. So here goes.

Once upon a time I lived in the frozen tundra. Which I consider to be anywhere North of the Mason Dixon Line. So I made scarves.
LOTS of Scarves.

This yummy fiber is Little Loop Lambs Wool purchased at Aunt Jean’s Handiworks in Clinton, NJ. It was my first Splurge yarn. It wasn’t until I got it home and tried to actually crochet with it that I learned that all those lovely little loops make it really hard to crochet! Even more difficult to frog! But once bitten I’m a determined Wench and dern it! I was gonna get a scarf out of this if it killed me. I used every last inch of it. It measures six and a half feet, by ten inches. Long enough to wrap around my head, over my ears, around my neck couple times and hang a tail down the back and front.
Just a little something to keep the chill out.

Then came Tuesday Morning. The time of Onesies and Twosies.

The time of “Oh! Look at that cool yarn. I can make something with that!”

So what do you make with one or two balls of yarn? MORE Scarves!

Enough to bore you with.

And after I have enough scarves to take me through the next Ice Age what do we do? Move. South. Way South. South of the Mason Dixon Line!

So the First order of business has to be?

Crochet a cool Net Bag to hold said scarf stash.

Anyone need a scarf?