Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fat Cat Story

So the Hubby takes me to a friends goat barn and points out the 3 kittens temporarily named Larry, Moe & Curly and said "Aren't they cute!? I think we should take this one!" O.K. now I didn't know we were in the market for a new cat but she (Larry) was incredibly cute so I agreed. Friends K&T took Moe & Curly.

So a year or two go by and we visit K&T at their new home. Moe & Curly are these petite, fluffy, long haired Primadonna's compared to my Big Boned Girl.
I mention this to the vet as he is weighing her in at 22 pounds! He looks at me sideways and said "Um. She's Fat."
I am shocked! Really shocked! How could this be? The vet said "Don't feel bad. I have 3 fat cats at home."

Now this Cat does like to eat. And she knows that if she sits on her perch and screams "MEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!" like a hundred times that someone will get up and feed her just to shut her up. (Even though she has already received her daily recommended portion of diet kitty food.) We've tried just putting her outside for some exercise but she is such a Fraidy Cat that she tears the crap out of the door moulding 10 seconds after you shut the door until you get up and let her in. We have tried every diet cat food on the market over the last two years and she has lost a total of 4 pounds!
Larry goes by many names; Big Girl, Fat Cat, Shed Beast, Grand Shed Priestess. But the name on her (now too small to wear) collar is Pi purr. She really is the sweetest but she sheds Tumbleweeds everywhere so when the LYS offers to wind my new purchases for me I always agree and thank them profusely. Even so, most everything I crochet is a Domestic Short Hair Calico Blend. :)