Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crochet, Dinner, Wine & Blog

Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of your craft?

Now this is the life!

Hanging out on the deck blogging, admiring my almost sock after a long hard day at the office.

Had to switch to the next Way Cool Bag (Waxberg) since I popped the cork....What?!? It's a screw top?! Even better!

The label states "Exuberant and vibrant, fruit flavors abound...gooseberries, passionfruit and lime dazzle both the mind and the palate. Ripe and Zesty." I'd say that's accurate. Very Yummy.

Oh! Just got my first Etsy.Com purchase! (singing *LOVE IT!!*) Thanks to Holly I was introduced to this site. After searching for local artists I found Grey Willow Studios and Kristi Sawin right here in South Carolina. It's a bare naked tree and just a little spooky. I chose it because in addition to crochet, I'm researching my family tree. So, there you are. She makes all kinds of these by hand. See all her very cool stuff at GreyWillowStudios.etsy.com