Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bored, Raining, Bored!

Bored, bored, bored! I thought I would fall asleep at my desk! Then it started raining. Then it started pouring. Pouring customer phone calls. What a nightmare! Then bored again. But thats done I'm on my second glass of wine. Which means I'll soon be on my third, which means I won't be fit to crochet anything but a net bag soon. So on to more Finished Projects.
I've made enough baby blankets to circle the earth. I wanted to start making clothes. Especially after my sister-in-law Jennifer J. introduced me to natural fibers! So I decided to try the intermediate level Shell and Posies dress by Elissa Sugishita from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007. I substituted Plymouth Bella Colour. It looked fairly simple. I had used all the stitches before.

So as my Beautiful cousin Jennifer A. was the only person I knew who had a beautiful toddler daughter, it would be for her! Only problem I had was sizing. Now I don't have any little ones. No. I've never had any little ones. So I haven't got a clue how big these little buggers are at 2 years of age. So anyway I got about half way through when I did something wrong. It just looked too "curvey" for a toddler. So I frogged it. Without having a model I agonized over weather (3rd glass of wine) or not it would fit at all. But since it was my cousin, who is more honest in her opinions than I am, I just went ahead. Well it fit!
And she thought the flower shaped buttons I put on the back were too pretty so she wears them in the front! And I had enough yarn left over to make a hat too!

And now back to the Wine!