Thursday, May 29, 2008

Todays "Green" Quote....

Be a Creative Force,
not just a Less Destructive One.
From "The Green Book" The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet, One Simple Step at a Time.

Another Way cool Bag Completed!

O.K. this is the same ole pic,
But the new one is same pattern different color (pink).

All that cotton that multiplied in my basket and followed me home is going tobecome a
of net bags!

LOOK! Look! There are Baby geese on the beach!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crochet, Dinner, Wine & Blog

Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of your craft?

Now this is the life!

Hanging out on the deck blogging, admiring my almost sock after a long hard day at the office.

Had to switch to the next Way Cool Bag (Waxberg) since I popped the cork....What?!? It's a screw top?! Even better!

The label states "Exuberant and vibrant, fruit flavors abound...gooseberries, passionfruit and lime dazzle both the mind and the palate. Ripe and Zesty." I'd say that's accurate. Very Yummy.

Oh! Just got my first Etsy.Com purchase! (singing *LOVE IT!!*) Thanks to Holly I was introduced to this site. After searching for local artists I found Grey Willow Studios and Kristi Sawin right here in South Carolina. It's a bare naked tree and just a little spooky. I chose it because in addition to crochet, I'm researching my family tree. So, there you are. She makes all kinds of these by hand. See all her very cool stuff at

Monday, May 26, 2008

Water, Wool and Wine

What a beautiful weekend! And what goes better with great weather and yarn?
Wine of course! Look what I found! I'm bad about buying wine just for the cool label or the name of the wine. This couldn't be passed up.

Haven't uncorked it yet cuz I'm working on my very first sock!

Because the weather is so wonderful I haven't made much progress. It is a Holiday and one must have their priorities in order.

So I don my skin cancer prevention hat, the SPF30, grab the dog and her life jacket, the Hubby and the boat keys.

Sparkie is always ready to help navigate!

Hope everyone has had a Safe and Fun weekend!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Art on the Alley

Art on the Alley in Seneca today and tomorrow.

Lots of very cool stuff; Music, wood turning demonstrations, lots of jewelry vendors, custom wrought iron pieces and copper art

funny Sheep paintings,

Check out all their stuff on the website
And one of my favoritesGourd Art!
Check out the street fair on Ram Cat Alley and Music on the Green until after dark.

The Way Cool Bag is already gone. Gave it to Katie, the coolest girl I know! She admired it when I showed it to her and her Mom LW. So I gave it to her. I mean really, I can make another one.

Oh wait. Dern it, I'm out of cotton yarn.
I guess I'll havta go see Margaret at

2508C North Main Street in Anderson and get more!

Last stop at Michael's to pick up ONE BALL of Sugar n Cream to complete a bag I started.
Craaap! Look what happened!
It self propagated before I got to the register!
I just hate that!
I feel a bag marathon coming on.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Way Cool Bag!

Didn't take long to finish the Waxberg Net bag. It's so easy. Even with a glass of wine (O.K. two) I didn't have to frog!

And it came in right handy on the evening boat ride. I'm going to have to make like a billion (ok not that many) more of these! Every one who sees it wants one!

Sorry so short. Her Fatness is Screaming for Breakfast.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Macon Georgia

So I’m on my way back from visiting a family member in a Macon hospital (everything went perfectly!)
and ….Wait, what as that? OH! a Yarn Shop?!?

(Next to the Guns and Ammo place?!)

Rapid (Safe) Deceleration! Illegal U-turn, Up the Curb, Over the Sidewalk and into the parking lot!

“Oh No! 5:25! Are they open? They can’t be closed!” I burst through the door, YES! They’re open and “I’m here!” The place erupts into cheers! O.K. not really but every one was very friendly and glad to see me.

It's Boot Camp for Socks week at Creative Yarns. Everyone was wearing bright pink Boot Camp t-shirts. Sorry no picture. I was so excited to be there that I forgot I even had my camera.

This place is HUGE! (again no picture) And all the pretties!

Oh! Oh! OH! I’m being attacked! Oh it’s so lovely! Cashmere, silk, alpaca, mmmm. “Oh no! No, nono, NO!! Realllly, I can’t take you all home. Back, back!” I literally had to beat them off with my new Brittany crochet hook. With a tear in my eye I promised myself I’d be back.

So what did I work on all day while waiting and visiting in the hospital?

Haley Waxberg’s net bag! Using stashed Plymouth Fantasy cotton yarn. I'll have to give it to my Hippest Friend when it's finished.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Finished Projects

When I'm in Tuesday Morning I always look to see if they have any yarn. Months ago I picked up 4 balls of Queensland Collection Delhi. Why only 4 you ask? Because that’s all they had.

After combing through my pre-Ravelry patterns I found that I could actually make something other than a scarf. The Come and Play with Me Childs Cardigan by Annette Petavy from Interweave Crochet Fall 2007 was completed for a few months now, with exception of the zipper. How the heck was I going to sew a zipper into a crocheted garment?

After searching the Ravelry blogs I found some great advise. Use glue! Yes glue. Not just any old glue. A glue that “is not intended for washable wearables”. I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Glued and pinned zip in place, pressed with a book and left to dry over night, sewed zippy in with machine and washed. Glues gone – zippers in to stay. Worked like a charm!

The Shoppers Net bag from Hooked Bags 20 Easy Crochet Projects by Margaret Hubert came out bigger than I anticapated at 24” long and I’m not crazy about the side seams. The next bag I'm working on is the Crochet Grocery Bag Patten by Haley Waxberg which is done in the round. It seems to be coming out smaller at 16” (I made them both with Sugar n Cream cotton yarn) than I imagined.

Gee, maybe if I actually READ the directions completely instead of looking at the pretty pictures I would've learned the finished size before I started!

Hmmm…. In the end I think I like Haley’s bag better. It’s a little more complicated; you have to count stitches/rounds, increase and decrease. I just like the finished look compared to the drawstring top and side seams on Margaret’s bag. The next ones I make will be longer.

Guess what you're getting for your birthday, anniversary and Christmas?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bored, Raining, Bored!

Bored, bored, bored! I thought I would fall asleep at my desk! Then it started raining. Then it started pouring. Pouring customer phone calls. What a nightmare! Then bored again. But thats done I'm on my second glass of wine. Which means I'll soon be on my third, which means I won't be fit to crochet anything but a net bag soon. So on to more Finished Projects.
I've made enough baby blankets to circle the earth. I wanted to start making clothes. Especially after my sister-in-law Jennifer J. introduced me to natural fibers! So I decided to try the intermediate level Shell and Posies dress by Elissa Sugishita from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007. I substituted Plymouth Bella Colour. It looked fairly simple. I had used all the stitches before.

So as my Beautiful cousin Jennifer A. was the only person I knew who had a beautiful toddler daughter, it would be for her! Only problem I had was sizing. Now I don't have any little ones. No. I've never had any little ones. So I haven't got a clue how big these little buggers are at 2 years of age. So anyway I got about half way through when I did something wrong. It just looked too "curvey" for a toddler. So I frogged it. Without having a model I agonized over weather (3rd glass of wine) or not it would fit at all. But since it was my cousin, who is more honest in her opinions than I am, I just went ahead. Well it fit!
And she thought the flower shaped buttons I put on the back were too pretty so she wears them in the front! And I had enough yarn left over to make a hat too!

And now back to the Wine!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm a Baaad Mommy.

Kitty Mom that is. I swear I let her in last night. I swear! Her normal “let me in” sign is to claw the CRAP! out of the weather stripping on the front door. Kinda hard to ignore and because I have mom hearing I can hear her from anywhere in the house. So it’s only HALF my fault that she was out all night. Doesn’t matter. She won’t even look at me now.

So this is supposed to be a crochet blog and until I can take pictures like my fellow blogger Knit with Snot, you’ll just have to live what I give you. So here goes.

Once upon a time I lived in the frozen tundra. Which I consider to be anywhere North of the Mason Dixon Line. So I made scarves.
LOTS of Scarves.

This yummy fiber is Little Loop Lambs Wool purchased at Aunt Jean’s Handiworks in Clinton, NJ. It was my first Splurge yarn. It wasn’t until I got it home and tried to actually crochet with it that I learned that all those lovely little loops make it really hard to crochet! Even more difficult to frog! But once bitten I’m a determined Wench and dern it! I was gonna get a scarf out of this if it killed me. I used every last inch of it. It measures six and a half feet, by ten inches. Long enough to wrap around my head, over my ears, around my neck couple times and hang a tail down the back and front.
Just a little something to keep the chill out.

Then came Tuesday Morning. The time of Onesies and Twosies.

The time of “Oh! Look at that cool yarn. I can make something with that!”

So what do you make with one or two balls of yarn? MORE Scarves!

Enough to bore you with.

And after I have enough scarves to take me through the next Ice Age what do we do? Move. South. Way South. South of the Mason Dixon Line!

So the First order of business has to be?

Crochet a cool Net Bag to hold said scarf stash.

Anyone need a scarf?

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fat Cat Story

So the Hubby takes me to a friends goat barn and points out the 3 kittens temporarily named Larry, Moe & Curly and said "Aren't they cute!? I think we should take this one!" O.K. now I didn't know we were in the market for a new cat but she (Larry) was incredibly cute so I agreed. Friends K&T took Moe & Curly.

So a year or two go by and we visit K&T at their new home. Moe & Curly are these petite, fluffy, long haired Primadonna's compared to my Big Boned Girl.
I mention this to the vet as he is weighing her in at 22 pounds! He looks at me sideways and said "Um. She's Fat."
I am shocked! Really shocked! How could this be? The vet said "Don't feel bad. I have 3 fat cats at home."

Now this Cat does like to eat. And she knows that if she sits on her perch and screams "MEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!" like a hundred times that someone will get up and feed her just to shut her up. (Even though she has already received her daily recommended portion of diet kitty food.) We've tried just putting her outside for some exercise but she is such a Fraidy Cat that she tears the crap out of the door moulding 10 seconds after you shut the door until you get up and let her in. We have tried every diet cat food on the market over the last two years and she has lost a total of 4 pounds!
Larry goes by many names; Big Girl, Fat Cat, Shed Beast, Grand Shed Priestess. But the name on her (now too small to wear) collar is Pi purr. She really is the sweetest but she sheds Tumbleweeds everywhere so when the LYS offers to wind my new purchases for me I always agree and thank them profusely. Even so, most everything I crochet is a Domestic Short Hair Calico Blend. :)